Welcome to the PurePlay Lounge, The PurePlay Lounge is a group of anything-goes-type* chat 'rooms', full of interesting people from all over the world who discuss and dissect daily events both personal and global. Pureplay hosts the group and regulars include other Tumblr users. The PurePlay Lounge is open to anyone* at anytime, click join and add your input to the current topic or change it completely. *Provided the guidelines (listed below and on our website [website coming soon]) are followed.

How you got here: If you don't know how you got here you most likely clicked a charmed follow button which means you were selected to join this conversation.

Individuals displaying any of the above listed behaviors, or other inappropriate behaviors, will encounter any or all of the following procedures from the PurePlay Lounge Committee, depending on the situation:


The Lounge administrators may at any point remove messages, alter messages and ban individuals, you may however appeal the ban by messaging an administrator.
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